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  • Semiconductors & sensors

    What we stand for

    Bosch offers MEMS sensors, application-specific ICs and IP modules, based on almost half a century of experience. We stand for future innovative technologies - driven by customer-specific requirements. That's what makes us proud: We are the largest manufacturer of micromechanical sensors, one of the biggest semiconductor makers for mobility solutions and one of the IP module drivers.

    Our worldwide customer base includes OEM, many well-known ECU producers in the mobility sector and, of course, Bosch internal clients. So whenever you design advanced safety and comfort systems, or highly efficient powertrain electronics systems, contact us to benefit from our smart and innovative portfolio.

  • Intelligent technology by Bosch @ electronica 2016

    Intelligent technology by Bosch @ electronica 2016

    Klaus Meder, president of the Automotive Electronics business unit at Bosch, reports live from electronica 2016 fair in Munich.

    Walk with him through the exciting presentation of intelligent technology by Bosch. Explore news and highlights of product innovation in automotive and consumer electronics, industry 4.0 and especially our successful start-up platform.

  • Mobility Electronics

    Mobility Electronics

    Bosch’s electronic solutions for the mobility of the future – watch our new web feature “Mobility Electronics”!

    Delve deeper into the fascinating world of our smart and tiny electronic heroes. Vivid illustrations and animated images give you a clear and easy overview about the amazing work of modern vehicle’s “senses” .

  • #SENSORCHESTRA of Mobility

    #SENSORCHESTRA of Mobility

    Now Sensorchestra is one member richer. A cutting-edge vehicle fitted with a range of sensor-based innovations enhances the driving experience. On a musical level, its dings and rings create textures of sound that embrace you, transporting you onward into the future.

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News & highlights

embedded world

From March 14 to March 16, the embedded world takes place in the Exhibition Centre Nuremberg.

In hall 4A-350, Bosch presents an attractive combination of electronic solutions: IP modules for automotive microcontrollers and smart consumer sensor solutions.

electronica China

The 16th international trade fair for electronic components, systems and applications will be staged on March 14-16, 2017 at Shanghai New International Expo Centre (SNIEC), China. Bosch will be located in Hall E4 #4320.

Meet our local sales and application team here and dive with us into our broad spectrum of products, solutions and applications ...

Car-Ele Japan 2017

From January 18, Asia's leading exhibition specialised in Automotive Electronics takes place again in Tokyo Big Sight.

In East hall, E41-46, Bosch will be presenting an attractive bundle of electronic solutions for mobility.

Press Release

At this year’s electronica in Munich, Bosch Automotive Electronics launches two brand new generation of pressure sensors - SMP14x enabling gear shifting with more feel & SMP580 helping to reduce fuel consumption and emissions...

electronica 2016

The world’s leading trade fair for electronic components, systems and applications starts on 8 November 2016. Bosch will be at the same spot as in the previous years: A5.106.

Meet us here and dive with us into our broad spectrum of products, solutions, applications in automotive electronics as well as consumer electronics and Industry 4.0. All this can be experienced life and in action. There is a also highlight you should not miss...