IP modules

IP stands for Intellectual Property.
IP modules allow chipmakers to quickly adopt complete ranges of functions in standard products such as microcontrollers, FPGAs and ASSPs, thus significantly reducing development times and costs.

That is, they represent an assembly plan to implement these functions in hardware.

Typical applications include, e.g. control units for engine, transmission and safety systems.


Bosch IP modules rely on broad understanding of the market requirements for control units. So we consistently develop the IP modules and transfer functional updates to standards. Numerous suppliers and OEMs appreciate this system expertise and experience and rely on processors with built-in IP modules from Bosch for their control units.

In-vehicle communication
IP modules for networking applications ensure proper data handling according to the respective bus specification.
We offer protocol controller IPs for various busses such as CAN, FlexRay or LIN.

Timer platform
The generic timer (GTM) IP module can be the real-time "heart" of any microcontroller in power train systems. The Bosch platform provides real-time measurements of multiple input signals like angles or timings as well as the generation of complex output signals.

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