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Timer IP

The generic timer (GTM) IP module can be the real-time "heart" of any microcontroller in power train systems. The Bosch platform provides real-time measurements of multiple input signals like angles or timings as well as the generation of complex output signals.


Generic Timer Module (GTM)

The GTM IP module forms a generic timer platform for complex applications in the automotive industry like power train, power steering, chassis and transmission control. To serve these different application domains, the GTM provides a wide range of timer functions like:

  • Counters (free running and resettable)
  • Multi-action capture/compare PWM input
  • Complex PWM output function
  • Duty-cycle measurement
  • Global time bases
  • Complex angle clock mechanism for power train applications
  • Input signal filtering
  • Internal RISC-like programmable cores for data processing and complex output sequence generation

The GTM IP is designed to offer flexible solutions for different application domains and for different application classes within one specific application domain. The IP is designed to run with minimal CPU interaction and to unload the CPU from handling interrupt service requests as much as possible.

Generic interfaces and the hierarchical system architecture make the GTM an ideal solution as IP core for various microcontroller architectures.