Airbag systems

In airbag systems, Bosch MEMS sensors detect abrupt vehicle deceleration.
This information is the essential decision criterion for triggering the release of the vehicle's airbags.

The sensor data is processed by the central airbag ECU, which activates adequate restraint systems according to the nature and severity of the accident.

Our MEMS sensors can be installed in the ECU or in the periphery of the vehicle (front, side and rear).


Acceleration sensors
Acceleration sensors in airbag systems measure strong negative acceleration values in fraction of a second.
Depending on the airbag system and the number of existing airbags, our customers can install the MEMS sensors in the ECU or as a standalone component in the vehicle's front or side.

Angular rate sensors
Rollover sensors (also known as RoSe sensors) are a kind of yaw-rate sensor. As part of the airbag system, the Bosch MEMS sensors immediately recognize change in a car's inclination - for instance, when there is risk of roll over. This allows protective seat-belt pretensioners, head and side airbags, and rollover bars to be activated before the vehicle's roof or side hits the ground.

Pressure sensors
Airbag systems not only consist of acceleration sensors, but also pressure sensors, which are installed in the vehicle's doors. Here, their task is to detect the increasing air pressure during a crash. So the Bosch pressure sensors inform in time about a necessary activation of the side airbags.

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