MEMS sensors

MEMS sensors (micro electro-mechanical systems) are a key technology for the mobile and connected world.

Bosch has been at the forefront of MEMS technology for more than 20 years now and is today the world's leading supplier.

Bosch MEMS sensors deliver high performance, are small, sturdy, and extremely cost-effective due to series production. By rapid technological developments in recent years, the scope of automotive applications has widened – a highly equipped vehicle has more than 50 built-in MEMS sensors altogether.


Airbag systems
In airbag systems, Bosch MEMS sensors detect abrupt vehicle deceleration. This information is the essential decision criterion for triggering the release of the vehicle's airbags. The sensor data is processed by the central airbag ECU, which activates adequate restraint systems according to the nature and severity of the accident.

Driver information systems
Vehicle comfort features like navigation, tilt or inclination measurement, telematics, car key modules, car alarm or eCall systems are a rapidly growing field of application for MEMS sensors. Typically, the required performance level for these MEMS sensors is lower compared to sensors for sophisticated safety applications like airbag or vehicle stability systems.

Engine management systems
Bosch barometric pressure sensors are a key component in engine management for diesel and gasoline engines. They are designed to measure the current ambient pressure accurately and with low drift. Atmospheric pressure is a function of height above sea level as well as of weather conditions.

Transmission control systems
MEMS sensors for automatic transmission detect the oil pressure in the hydraulic actuators of the gearbox - with a very precise response time of less than a millisecond. This is crucial for fast and ultra-smooth shifting of gears. The Bosch medium-pressure sensors are characterized by very high media resistance and durability due to their hermetically sealed metal housing.

Vehicle dynamics systems
In vehicle dynamics systems, Bosch MEMS sensors measure the vehicle rotation around the vertical axis and the lateral acceleration to determine the dynamic state of the vehicle. Our portfolio includes acceleration and angular rate sensors as well as inertial sensors, which combine both functions in a single housing.

Active suspension systems
Active suspension systems have an important impact on driving comfort and safety. They are based on low-g acceleration sensors that precisely record the dynamics of the chassis and body even under harsh conditions. Thus, the ECU regulates suspension damping and reduces body movement to make driving safer and more comfortable.

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