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Car-Ele Japan 2017


From January 18, Asia's leading exhibition specialised in Automotive Electronics takes place again in Tokyo Big Sight.

In East hall, E41-46, Bosch will be presenting an attractive bundle of electronic solutions for mobility: New electronic components and IP modules, advanced gateway solutions and eScooter drive systems.

This year's highlight products:

Automotive System ICs

  • System ICs for ADAS: CA27x is a one-chip solution for ultrasonic parking sensors. CS520 is a super low-noise power supply solution for analog radar frontends.
  • System IC for Powertrain: CY324 is a new system base IC designed for the most modern microcontrollers. It also features a CAN FD transceiver.

IP modules

  • GTM Gen 3: The next generation of our popular Timer IP module for microcontrollers in powertrain and safety applications.
  • Plug and Secure: A new approach for the secure exchange of encryption keys in CAN systems.

Automotive MEMS sensors

  • MEMS sensors for Powertrain: New medium pressure sensor SMP14x as well as the barometric pressure sensor SMP580 show enhanced performance and improved interface options compared to their predecessors. SMP580 is also the smallest sensor of its kind.
  • MEMS Mobility Sensors is a new sensor family with its origin in consumer electronics. We have generated the consumer MEMS sensors out of automotive more than a decade ago in the first place and adapted them to consumer needs. The resulting advantages now return back to automotive but for none-safety relevant applications only. Cost-efficient, versatile and flexible!

Gateway/FOTA solutions

  • Our demonstrator illustrates how Bosch Gateways handle the download of firmware over the air and how they distribute it to other electronic control units in the vehicle acting as an embedded tester.

eScooter drive systems

  • Wheel-hub motors with up to 1.5 kW rated power with improved performance and optimized quality for highest reliability and robustness.
  • Electronic control units with field oriented control (FOC) strategy, optimized on motor characteristics for less noise and higher efficiency.

Our sales and application team is looking forward to welcome you at the Bosch booth in East hall, E41-46.