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electronica 2016


Join Klaus Meder, president of the Automotive Electronics Division, on his walk through the Bosch booth, presenting new and fascinating electronic products.

The world’s leading trade fair for electronic components, systems and applications starts on November 8, 2016. Bosch will be at the same spot as in the previous years: A5.106.

Meet us here and dive with us into our broad spectrum of products, solutions, applications in automotive electronics as well as consumer electronics and Industry 4.0. All this can be experienced life and in action.

There is also a highlight you can’t miss: For the first time we go out with our Home of Innovations and Start-ups to talk to you!
Actually, it is a give and take:

Give: We have a lot of experience with start-ups, which we want to share with you. We offer a good consultancy for your start-up projects and give feedback on your ideas. We can even go as far as offering you a sponsoring or even a partnership. Anything is possible!

Take: Really cool is, that we have one of our start-ups “Autonomy of Things” with us at our electronica booth. They have some great concepts for consumer robotic vision. And for that we want your feedback on anything such as technology, concept, market, etc. It is a prototype of a new technology platform, and your opinion can make the difference! Don’t miss it!

So, what else is new in Bosch electronics?

Automotive semiconductors, sensors and IP modules:

Automotive System ICs:
We present two new system ICs for ADAS: CA27x is a one-chip solution for parking sensors. CS520 is a super low-noise power supply solution for analog radar frontends.

CY324 is a new system base IC designed for the most modern microcontrollers. It also contains a CAN FD transceiver.

IP modules:
We present the latest generation of our Timer IP module GTM for powertrain and safety applications.

MEMS sensors:
The new medium pressure sensor SMP14x as well as the barometric pressure sensor SMP580 show enhanced performance and improved interface options compared to their predecessors. SMP580 is also the smallest sensor of its kind.

MEMS Mobility Sensors is a new sensor family with its origin in consumer electronics. We have generated the consumer MEMS sensors out of automotive more than a decade ago in the first place and adapted them to consumer needs. The resulting advantages now return back to automotive but for none-safety relevant applications only. Cost-efficient, versatile and flexible MEMS sensor solutions!

Consumer electronics:

Bosch Sensortec offers an extensive portfolio of sensors ideally suited for meeting the specific requirements of drone and augmented & virtual reality applications. Another highlight is our BiNgO ideation campaign based on the intelligent Absolute Orientation Sensor BNO055 of Bosch Sensortec.

The XDK – cross-domain development kit – is a platform with its biggest use case in Industry 4.0. Applying it to a machine it will enable condition monitoring and predictive maintenance. We have huge plans on this technology for the upcoming years in the field of i4.0.

We look forward to welcome you on our Bosch booth in hall A5 booth 106, directly at the hall entrance.

Your Bosch expert team!