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electronica India


electronica India 2016 takes place again in in the Bangalore International Exhibition Centre (BIEC) from September 21nd to 23rd, 2016

Meet our local sales and application team and let them present amazing automotive MEMS sensors and System ICs to you.

We are located in Hall2, #2531

Products in focus for this year's electronica India:

Airbag System ICs

Airbag systems will become mandatory soon also in India.

Our newest airbag system ICs provide all peripheral functions of an airbag control unit in one chip and so support the design of compact and cost efficient airbag control units.

With CG902, CG903, CG904 and CG912, we offer system chips that cover all system configurations - from entry level to high-end airbag systems.

Telematics Sensor

Telematics applications like navigation and fleet management are rapidly growing.

With its 3-axis gyroscope and a 3-axis acceleration sensor in one compact package, the combined inertial sensor SMI130 provides precise information on the vehicle’s actual movements.

Eng. Mgmt. Sensor

Engine control units for efficient engines need to monitor multiple input and output parameters in parallel fast and precisely.

The barometric pressure sensor SMP480 detects the surrounding air pressure and provides its measurements digitally, helping to determine the right amount of fuel needed for the injection.

Eng. Mgmt. System IC

The oxygen sensor control IC CJ135 supports the correct operation of oxygen probes in the exhaust pipe.

The sensor readout is an important indicator for the permanent re-adjustment of the engine control.

With its digital control algorithms, CJ135 allows to adapt the same engine control to oyxgen sensors of various makers.