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Press Release

At this year’s electronica in Munich, Bosch Automotive Electronics launches two brand new generation of pressure sensors - SMP14x enabling gear shifting with more feel & SMP580 helping to reduce fuel consumption and emissions.

SMP14x – hydraulic pressure sensor for exact clutch operation in automatic transmissions

The SMP14x ensures smooth and fast shifting in automatic gear boxes by determining the ideal shifting pressure point accurate to a tenth of a bar. Combined with a response time of less than a millisecond, it permits highly-precise and convenient changing operations.

SMP580 – barometric pressure sensor for ambient pressure and temperature measurement

The SMP580 detects the current ambient pressure, which depends on the height above sea level and the weather conditions. Based on the measurement data, the engine management system can supply the combustion engine with the optimum air-fuel mixture – no matter how high above sea level the vehicle is moving. As a result, efficiency is improved and consumption is reduced.